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Star Bunting 3 layer


Laser cut 3mm MDF 3 layered Star bunting

Ready for painting.

Each piece is precision laser cut from premium 3mm Medite MDF and available 2 sizes 10cm or 15cm .

Each individual Bunting is either made up of 2 or 3 pieces
large star
medium star
capital letter

Please select the letter or number you require

Pieces which require no letter will be left blank and can be used either side of the name, Please select PLAIN for select option

Each piece comes unglued so you are able to paint each part separately before you glue them together.




Please note as these are laser cut  there will be variations in colour and scorching from that of the picture and example of the laser cut process can be seen below.


Laser Cutting produces golden brown to dark brown edges, scorching occurs on the edges of the cuts which can be easily decorated other if required but often left as a nice rustic effect. Example of finish produced by the laser cutting process below.

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