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Personalised Family Tree


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Personalised Framed Family Trees


including up to 20 engraved hearts

plus family name 

Each tree is cut and engraved on high quality 4mm Oak veneered wood

Measuring 250mm x 220mm

Each heart will be engraved with your family member's name

The family name can be engraved on the base 

Hearts can be spread over 5 lines, for tress with fewer hearts we will make the hearts a little bigger

How to order:

  • Please leave the details  which  you would like engraved on the name plaque. This can be the family name such as  Jones Family or Grandchildren, Friends, whatever you would like    

  • Please write each name separated by a comma in the box provided

 For Example
 Mum, Dad, Andrew, Daniel, James, Mark, Sally, Dawn, Alex, James


Please write a short description of how you would like the hearts placed.

For example

Top: Mum & Dad

Next Line : Andrew, Daniel, James, Mark

Next Line:  Sally, Dawn, Alex, James

Be sure to write the names exactly how you want them to appear on the hearts, capitals, lower case etc as the names will be copied and pasted

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