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Freestanding Personalised Family Tree.


Personalised Freestanding Family Trees

including up to 15 painted,engraved hearts
plus family name sign and plain or quotation base

These trees and hearts are precision laser cut from premium 3mm Medite MDF measuring 25cm x 22.5cm

Each tree is almost symmetrical to give a balanced appearance when adding hearts, the trees come with up to 15  3cm painted and engraved hearts

Each heart will be engraved with your family member's name

Also included is a personalised family sign

The base can be left plain white or to include the following quote

" Like branches on a tree
we all grow in different directions
but our roots remain as one"


Hearts come loose allowing you to glue them in the positions you prefer. (normal pva glue works well)

How to order:


Please write each name separately in the boxes provided to the right of this listing                

For Example if You have ordered 2 hearts enter the names in 2 boxes

Name 1 : Andrew

Name 2 : Daniel

If you would like a paw instead of a heart please write Paw in brackets after the name

Name 3 : Mitzy (Paw)

Please leave the details  which  you would like engraved on the name plaque.          

This can be the family name such as  Jones Family or Grandchildren, Friends, whatever you would like

Be sure to write the names exactly how you want them to appear on the hearts, capitals, lower case etc as the names will be copied and pasted


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