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Family Tree Plaque


Personalised Family Trees


 Oak veneered Tree mounted on a white wooden engraved plaque measuring 30cm x 24cm 


including up to 15 painted,engraved white hearts


Each Oak veneered tree is almost symmetrical to give a balanced appearance when adding hearts, the trees come with up to 15  3cm painted and engraved hearts


For trees with fewer names, we will increase the heart sizes to fit better

 We will make the hearts larger for trees with fewer names on, to make it look more fuller

Each heart will be engraved with your family member's name


There is room for up to 4 pet engraved silhouettes at the bottom of the tree.  Please leave the name and breed of the animal in the "pets" boxes


 The base of the plaque can be engraved with following quote:


Family, Like branches on a tree,

we all grow in different directions,

yet our roots remain as one


A message or quote of your own choosing can be engraved in place of the above quote.

Each Plaque will come with 2 holes and twine for hanging unless you request that these be removed 

How to order:

  • Please leave the details  which  you would like engraved on the top of the  plaque.   This can be the family name such as  Jones Family or Grandchildren, Friends, Our Family etc

  • Please write each name separately in the boxes provided to the right of this listing  

 For Example
 Name 1 : Andrew
 Name 2 : Daniel

  • Please leave details of any pets you would like adding, such as breed of dog etc along with their names

  • If you would prefer a personalised quote or message at the bottom of the plaque please select the personalsied option and leave the message or quote in the relevant box.  100 characters maximum 

  • Please leave a description of the order you would like the hearts to be placed on the tree

  • If you require a heart to be exchanged for a feather please leave feather in brackets after the name.   Sammy (feather)

Be sure to write the names exactly how you want them to appear on the hearts, capitals, lower case etc as the names will be copied and pasted

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